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Karmøy Rørteknikk

In 2008, Karmøy Rørteknikk AS was established. The company complements the areas of expertise of Haugesund Ventilasjonservice AS and Haugesund Automasjon AS. Today, the company operates as the total technical contractor and is involved in the entire construction phase.

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Advanced and User-Friendly Solutions.

The piping department delivers advanced systems (heating and cooling systems, sprinklers, and bathrooms). An important focus area is user-friendliness and solutions that are easy to maintain. Most employees in the company have welding certifications. We are a technical general contractor with a small administration, reaping all the benefits that come with it.

Other departments

Haugesund Automasjon

Environmental and energy-saving solutions. Being a Schneider Eco Struxure partner ensures reliability.

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Haugesund Ventilasjon Service

A collaboration partner for architects. Innovative and energy-optimised solutions.

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