Three companies – one team.

We provide solutions in ventilation, automation, piping, and electronics. The short path from idea to decision, combined with collaborating departments, results in innovative solutions and optimal project flow.

Bildecollage av tekniske detaljer

Energy-efficient solutions in ventilation, automation, plumbing, and electrical.

We are a comprehensive technical contractor focusing on ventilation, automation, piping, and electronics. Altogether, we have 33 employees spread across three distinct companies. Our automation department delivers solutions for optimal building operations. Our ventilation division ensures demand-controlled ventilation and energy-optimised solutions. Plumbing and electrical provide advanced systems that are user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Our primary focus is balanced ventilation, cooling, and indoor climate. Energy-optimised solutions are increasingly essential, and we can provide data confirming that investments are quickly recouped.

Our departments have grown organically, delivering integrated products that communicate with each other and function seamlessly. We have a lean administration, making us flexible and capable of offering tailor-made products that provide energy-efficient solutions.

With us, the path from idea to decision is short, and we work closely with our clients. We are an efficient team that collaborates closely. We seek advice across departments, thus identifying innovative and energy-saving solutions.

Certification and approval:
We have Central Approval (action class 2 and 3) and Startbank. We are Norway's first Schneider Eco Struxure partner.

Innovation & Development

AutoStore Innovation Hub.

We have completed a test centre and development hub for climate-controlled robot storage facilities at our Husøy location with our new partner, AutoStore.

The delivery comprises a full technical contract with design responsibility, refrigeration, freezing, heating systems, electrical, ventilation, sanitation, automation, and building management systems with a logging system.

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Three companies - one team

Our departments

Karmøy Rørteknikk

The plumbing division delivers advanced systems in heating and cooling installations, sprinklers, and bathrooms.

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Haugesund Automasjon

Environmental and energy-saving solutions. Being a Schneider Eco Struxure partner ensures reliability.

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Haugesund Ventilasjon Service

A collaboration partner for architects. Innovative and energy-optimised solutions.

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